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Tuesday, 18-Sep-2012 07:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lancer push movement version to meet domestic market demand _ Fu

As the western region of China the largest and most influential auto show, Chengdu show from many domestic show talent showing itself,mercurial vapor, become one of the most popular and attractive automobile one of grand meeting, also become a car to consume a "cheese".
The show will be the southeast Mitsubishi carry flag product appearance,michael kors outlet, at the appointed time, Mitsubishi brand cars - Galant,abercrombie paris, Lancer,sac louis vuitton, link collective appearance,louboutin, at the same time the independent brand "southeast Delica diesel version" will also be participating in southwest region,moncler, let consumer close experience.
Recently,mercurial vapor pas cher, from the southeastern Interior Automotive News, rumors have long Mitsubishi Lancer movement version will debut in Southwest China,louis vuitton pas cher, and the choice of Chengdu show officially launched the connection activity.
Since this year,louboutin pas cher, along with the nationwide popularity of Mitsubishi Lancer rally training camps and Mitsubishi Lancer team in the CRC station again and again in the championship, Mitsubishi Lancer motion style more and more consumer recognition and love,mercurial vapor, the consumer movement for Lancer edition launched expectations have also increased,air jordan, it is reported, to meet consumer demand for motor sport love, Southeast Mitsubishi invited well-known racing star as Lancer sports ambassador,sac longchamp pas cher, and hopeful in Chengdu show debuted for the first time, not to be missed.
According to the southeast car insiders: Lancer sport body lines smooth,michael kors, dynamic tension full,franklin marshall, equipped with a large siege,louis vuitton, tail and sports version of the special identity, and to install a full vehicle aerodynamic kit,louis vuitton, modeling fashion, the appearance of great character.
Its overall style emphasizes cool, dazzle, fashion temperament,jordan, dynamic and passionate visual tension,abercrombie, especially suitable for the pursuit of dynamic,sac longchamp pas cher, stylish car pursuit of individuality and avid car fans.
Sports Edition is further enriched the Lancer Mitsubishi Lancer series product line,mercurial vapor pas cher, but also to meet the domestic auto market rising on the sport edition car demand trend, so that consumers have more choices in car buying.
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From field to market have a process of 26 3, the reporters came to Minhou is located in the county town of Nantong strait agricultural and sideline products wholesale logistics center F zone, where the lights, send busy picture.

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Kat Bailey Lane out of the generation of revolutionaries red rel

Kat Bailey Lane 60 was Fuzhou “ five four ” movement onset point,sac louis vuitton, not far from the Min 53 lane was the office in Fuzhou; with three alleys and seven lanes of conservation and restoration projects,michael kors outlet, the site will be open to visitors in — — dispatch of Fuzhou news network 29 days afternoon,abercrombie, reporters came to Kat Bailey Lane 60,mercurial vapor pas cher, Xie clan,louis vuitton pas cher, the workers are open before decoration.
In Xie clan door plaque reads “ during the period of the May 4th movement,mercurial vapor, Students Federation of Fujian set up in the ”.Red blot for ancient house adds a bit of massive historical sense.Three lanes and seven lanes of the protection of cultural relics department deputy director Lin Shaopeng said,sac longchamp pas cher, three alleys and seven lanes of the red more than this one,louboutin pas cher, from 1919 to 1949,louis vuitton, generation of revolutionaries walk from here,abercrombie paris, leaving many capable of evoking praises and tears: the story of.
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From field to market have a process of 26 3, the reporters came to Minhou is located in the county town of Nantong strait agricultural and sideline products wholesale logistics center F zone, where the lights, send busy picture.

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The park today with punishment in 11 to prohibit acts _ Fuzhou n

(reporter Shuai Binbin) today,sac longchamp pas cher, tourists in Fuzhou Park,franklin marshall, flowers,abercrombie, highest can punish 500 yuan.Yesterday,sac longchamp pas cher, the Fuzhou people's Congress Standing Committee announced the new revised "Fuzhou city park management approach",mercurial vapor, into force as of today.
Approach to the park administration and park management units in a punishment.City garden departments will be established as soon as the qualified law enforcement team.According to the approach,louboutin pas cher, including flowers,mercurial vapor pas cher, 11 acts are classified as prohibited acts,louis vuitton, if visitors these behaviors,air jordan, Park Management Office warning,mercurial vapor, impose a fine below 50 yuan; if the circumstances are serious,louis vuitton, the administrative office report Landscaping Department,mercurial vapor pas cher, by Landscaping Department in 50 yuan of above 500 yuan of the following fine.
11 to prohibit acts include: obstruction of public place public security; damage the park environmental hygiene; damage to trees and flowers and park facilities,moncler, injury to the animal; obstacles to development tourist garden safe sport activity or unauthorized ride (ride) vehicles entering the park into the park; pet; in a designated area without authorization,sac longchamp, swimming; post setting,sac longchamp, the dissemination of advertising or other promotional items; engaged in fortune-telling,michael kors outlet, divination,jordan, see equal superstitious activities; to the campfire,louis vuitton pas cher, barbecue or hinder the tourist camp; unsightly; laws,michael kors, regulations prohibited behavior.
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From field to market have a process of 26 3, the reporters came to Minhou is located in the county town of Nantong strait agricultural and sideline products wholesale logistics center F zone, where the lights, send busy picture.

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Hongmiao ridge garbage incineration power day swallow tons of ga

N reporter Que Wenlong report from our correspondent breakage of the garbage bag, the used disposable fast-food box......The rubbish,jordan, in Fuzhou province ridge garbage incineration power plant,abercrombie, "turning waste into treasure".
The reporter learns yesterday,sac louis vuitton, Fuzhou Hongmiao ridge garbage incineration power plant before the formal trial operation, daily to burn the city around the 2/3 garbage, about 1300 tons, and 1 tons of garbage generated electricity,louis vuitton pas cher, enough general family of three for a month's electricity.
In another development, Temple Hill landfill gas power plant has been officially running, year electricenergy production is expected to reach 12000000 kwh.Daily 2/3 urban garbage incineration "each processing 1 tons of garbage,michael kors, can power 200 to 220 kwh, equivalent to other thermal power plant combustion nearly 300 kilograms of standard coal out of the electric.
"Fuzhou Hongmiao in waste incineration power generation limited company deputy general manager Xu Huaguo told the reporters, the current Fuzhou urban areas of 2200 tons of garbage a day to 2300 tons,mercurial vapor, is the temple mountain of garbage incineration power plant a day can "eat" out of Fuzhou urban area around the 2/3 garbage, "spit" about 300000 kWh electricity.
According to estimation, 1 tons of garbage can produce 200 to 220 kilowatt hours of electricity, enough of the general family of three a month electricity.The generated power is now incorporated into the power grid in Fuzhou.
Now, every day in waste incineration power plant two unit, city life rubbish processing about 330000 tons a year, the amount of power is about 100000000 kwh.Fuzhou Hongmiao ridge garbage incineration power plant construction took 4 years.
It is reported, Temple Hill landfill was completed in 1995,mercurial vapor pas cher, designed a project on 800 tons of garbage disposal,sac longchamp pas cher, the use of 20 years.But now Fuzhou urban garbage is increasing by more than 10% annually, the production of waste up to 2200 ~ 2300 tons, is expected next year may be saturated sealing field.
And landfill cost is high,louis vuitton, each of 1 tons of refuse landfill needs 150 yuan about, the landfill degradation of hazardous gases, such as not a mechanical guide line,abercrombie paris, will cause the greenhouse effect,sac longchamp, the smell,franklin marshall, toxic effects, and the existence of hidden danger of explosion.
For this, Fuzhou municipal Party committee, city hall 4 years ago started to seek the solution.In 2003, garbage incineration power plant project officially approved, in 2005 July to start construction.
This is also the province's largest garbage power generation project,sac longchamp pas cher, a total investment of about 350000000 yuan,louis vuitton, covers an area of about 100 acres.In addition, Fuzhou Hongmiao ridge garbage incineration power plant also plans to start the second phase of the project.
Landfill gas generating 12000000 kwh in addition to garbage burned power, landfill portion of the garbage can also be used to generate electricity.Yesterday,moncler, the reporter also learned that, Austria experts debugging Hongmiao ridge methane recovery and utilization of power generation equipment, has recently been officially running power,mercurial vapor, into the Fuzhou power grid.
According to estimation, landfill gas power plant generating capacity of 12000000 kwh.According to introducing,louboutin, Temple Hill landfill gas power plant is the landfill gas generated is collected for power generation.
At present, the first phase project of power plant with two units of 825 MW gas engine cogeneration unit,air jordan, by burning landfill gas drive motor outputs three-phase 380V power,sac longchamp, then use dry transformer output power voltage to 10kV into the power grid.
Relevant responsible person pointed out, Hongmiao ridge generating plant of garbage incineration and landfill gas power plant of the formal commissioning, will solve Hongmiao ridge area for garbage pollution brought hidden trouble and increasing soil,michael kors outlet, surface water damage to the problem, at the same time also marked the present thermal power, hydropower, power supply clean electricity a plurality of supply structure.
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From field to market have a process of 26 3, the reporters came to Minhou is located in the county town of Nantong strait agricultural and sideline products wholesale logistics center F zone, where the lights, send busy picture.

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Research Agency Loses Uranium Samples

The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute was found to have carelessly discarded about two kilograms of uranium test samples in the trash. ,moncler
Natural uranium which is used to fuel nuclear power plants is not harmful to people or the environment. However,louis vuitton pas cher, handling uranium is strictly regulated in accordance with nuclear safeguards since enriched uranium can be used in nuclear weapons.
According to KAERI on Thursday,louboutin pas cher, 1.98 kg of uranium including a golf ball-sized 1.90 kg sample of natural uranium and 0.2 grams of enriched uranium went missing from the institute in May.
KAERI officials learned of the loss only on Aug. 6 and discovered the empty uranium container at an incinerator in the city of Ansan in Gyeonggi Province.
"We believe the lost Uranium sample was incinerated. It is not harmful to the environment since it was a small amount,mercurial vapor," the institute said.
A KAERI spokesperson said on Thursday,mercurial vapor pas cher, "While preparing for a regular inspection by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency),sac louis vuitton, we found out that some uranium test samples kept in a lab were missing. We reported it to the Ministry of Science & Technology and IAEA and are investigating how it went missing."
The institute believes that workers who were partitioning a lab accidentally threw the samples in the trash on May 17.
KAERI was investigated by the IAEA in September 2004 after it separated 0.2 grams of enriched uranium from natural uranium in 2000. The institute is still under regular inspection by the IAEA.
The enriched uranium sample that went missing this time is the same one that was investigated by the IAEA in 2004.
KAERI said that the small amount of missing uranium is not enough to build a nuclear weapon or produce nuclear power. However,louboutin, experts point out that the incident could dent Korea's international reputation for managing nuclear material.
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From field to market have a process of 26 3, the reporters came to Minhou is located in the county town of Nantong strait agricultural and sideline products wholesale logistics center F zone, where the lights, send busy picture.

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